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Trailblazing Morris County Investor Spotlight Series

Trailblazing Morris County Investor Spotlight Series #1

The GMDC would like to thank all of our investors for investing in the future of Morris County. All of our Trailblazing Morris County Investors see the value of addressing workforce, housing, business retention & expansion, as well as community development & marketing efforts throughout all of Morris County. Without them, we could not do what we are doing. We will be spotlighting each of our Trailblazing Morris County Capital Campaign Investors over the next several weeks, and we encourage you to shop local and do business with each of them. Without them, Morris County would not be what it is today and we at the GMDC truly appreciate their support. While we have many business investors, we also have the same great appreciation for those who have invested as individuals because they believe in their communities and want to see them thrive. Individual investors will also be recognized as they have taken a personal interest in the future of Morris County!

Want to learn more about Trailblazing Morris County? Visit our website

To kick off our business investor spotlight, we would like to thank Adams Lumber and Homestore! Family owned and operated since 1969, Adams Lumber and HomeStore is located on the Santa Fe Trail in historical Council Grove, Kansas. When they opened their doors in 1969, their commitment was to ensure that they took care of their customers’ needs in Morris County and the surrounding counties to help make their dreams a reality. All these years later, that focus still rings true. With their grown services and product assortments, they are here to serve you! Check out their website and Facebook Page Thank YOU Adams Lumber and Homestore!

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