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About Trailblazing Morris County

Our “Trail Blazing Morris County” campaign outlines how we plan to address specific needs, such as affordable housing, community workforce development, business retention & expansion and community development and marketing. This plan draws upon Morris County’s history of blazing trails in the Flint Hills for over 200 years.  We believe the same passion that burned the tall grass to deepen its roots and attract prosperity still exists today as GMDC continues to blaze new trails for growth in Morris County!

GMDC Prospectus 4.28.22-page-001.jpg

Farmers and Drovers Bank

Personal and Commercial Banking Services

Council Grove Realty and Lakeside Properties

Real Estate Agency

Community Members
Jay and Monica Simecka

Morris County Families and Youth

Tiffany Cattle Company


Bachura Family Automotive

Auto Repair and Service

Tyner Insurance

Insurance Agency

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