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County-wide Morris County Requests for ProposalsModerate Income Housing Grant Submittal

Greater Morris County Development Corporation (GMDC), anticipating possible inter-agency agreements with Morris County and other interested municipalities as needed, is seeking Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the upcoming Moderate Income Housing (MIH) funding round submittals in fall 2024.  MIH funding is a competitive application process through the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC) and no guarantees are made that because an application or applications are submitted that they will be awarded.  GMDC is requesting that interested developers, builders, and investors send proposals for proposed projects to GMDC, 315 W Main St, Council Grove, KS, 66846, no later than close of business on August 1, 2024.

Moderate Income Housing (MIH) Grants are made available through the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation (KHRC) and we anticipate will be made available again in the fall of 2024.  The MIH Grant programs are designed to build middle range housing that will serve families with incomes between 60 and 150 percent of the median household income as defined by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  We anticipate that grant funds will be awarded in increments up to $25,000 per unit and must utilize housing types that can meet that household income range.  Grants can be utilized in the form of down payment assistance or on some occasions can be utilized for infrastructure development.  All proposals will seek to lower the cost burden on construction and sale of housing structures serving moderate income families.

Greater Morris County Development Corporation (GMDC) will request assistance from government entities based on the RFP responses to review proposals and make recommendations as appropriate.  It is possible that more than one RFP proposal may be submitted and GMDC will work with the governmental entities in the county, RFP respondents, and MIH grant preparer as needed to make an application or applications to KHRC.  MIH applicants must be governmental entities and based on the RFP responses, a determination will be made as to who the MIH grant applicant will be.  

Qualifying partners and projects must have well-developed plans for new housing on a site in Morris County.  As an example, the Council Grove City Commission’s current priority is to support the construction of single family housing and moderate priced duplexes so it would benefit an RFP respondent to align their response to those priorities.  That said, all types of projects will be considered based on their viability and capacity to meet the need around workforce housing.

Strong consideration will be given to projects and developers with these characteristics:

  • Projects that include five (5) to twenty (20) units of either single-family or duplex units.

  • Developers with substantial prior experience in residential development and construction.

  • Developers with land under contract or an option on the land.

  • Project plans with sufficiently detailed cost, revenue, and funding information necessary for a complete MIH grant application.

  • Projects that can be completed within twenty-four (24) months from the date the grant is awarded.  Extensions may be permitted for substantial progress. The first round of grant awards has an application deadline of fall 2024.

  • Projects that include multiple sites in the County will be given additional consideration.

To partner in a successful application to KHRC, the developer must be prepared to provide project plans, share financial information relating to the project and its partners, and meet all local and state building/fire/ADA codes and/or requirements.  KHRC can provide valuable gap financing, but projects need to insure safeguards are in place to ensure compliance and oversight.  Potential project partners must be prepared to be transparent with the MIH grant preparer and the MIH grant applicant as the project sponsor and KHRC as a project partner.

Submittal Requirements

For the project to be considered in the MIH grant application, please provide a written description to include:

  • Name, background, and resume of developer.

  • Qualifications of Project Team.

  • Proposed project (duplex, tri-plex, quad-plex, apartment building, single family; and quantity of dwellings).

  • Total development costs, including a cost breakdown of land, site improvements, public infrastructure, and buildings.

  • Sources of project funds and revenues other than MIH requested funds.

  • Proposals on how grant funds would be used.

  • Explanation of need for gap funding

  • Time frame to complete the project – For example, Council Grove is looking for an aggressive build out.

In addition to the above submittal requirements, please also provide project plans including:

  • Location of proposed project sites and any ability to secure acquisition of proposed lots.

  • Any preferred floor plans.  A written description of floor plans is acceptable - Descriptions and plans will be used to determine whether housing meets the goals for growth expectations set by the City of Council Grove.

  • Exterior building elevations preferred where applicable; renderings or written description of the exterior building design are acceptable.

  • Any modification to lots or zoning designations required to build projects.

Plans at a conceptual level of detail are acceptable at time of submitting a response to this RFP, but a higher level of detail will be required at time of application to KHRC.

The deadline for application submittal for the 2024 funding round will be by fall of 2024.

To request information or to submit project proposals, please contact Nick Jones, City Administrator, City of Council Grove, at or (620) 767-5417 or Chuck Scott, Interim Director, GMDC, at or (785) 313-2983.

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