Local Industry

AC Enterprises
A/C Enterprises is the inventor, manufacturer and distributor of the DreamSteamer, the professional, totally automatic clothes-steaming equipment that removes wrinkles in seconds with a 24-garment cycle time of from three to 10-minutes. For clothing stores, the DreamSteamer saves countless hours of labor and clothing preparation costs down to as little as 4-cents per garment.
Axe Industries
Designs and manufacturers engine rebuilding and other automotive maintenance equipment – especially for the NASCAR industry. Also produces several varieties of automotive lift equipment allowing for “double-stacking” race cars in trailers as well of for “double-stacking” such vehicles in storage.
Cosgrove Farm Equipment
Cosgrove Farm Equipment reconditions and markets used John Deere equipment, including tractors, combines, and headers, for the agricultural and industrial industries in mid-America. They can be reached at 620-767-5928.
Hartman Masonry
Hartman Masonry does all kinds of masonry work (brick, block and stone)...both commercial and residential. Hartman also does some EIFS (Dryvit) which is similar to stucco. Hartman Masonry has been doing superior work in this area since 1970. Although it varies depending on various contracts and time, Hartman usually maintains around 30 employees.
Hodgdon Powder Company
Hodgdon Powder Company is a world leader in the production and distribution of black powder and black powder substitutes for the shooting sports industries. Serving a global market, it is a major manufacturer of smokeless powder for the ammunition industry - their trade names include such popular propellants as Pyrodex, Remington, IMR and others.
Hold'em Fence Company
Hold’em Fence Company is a full service and supply company of fence and livestock equipment. Their service area extends throughout the western half of the United States consisting of livestock barbed wire and large game fence construction, turnkey cattle feed lots, and commercial grade livestock handling equipment.
Lexinet Corporation
Lexinet Corporation, a home-grown enterprise, is a direct-response creative marketing company providing direct-mail services to some of America’s leading sales corporations.
Monarch Moldings
This old-line company – in Council Grove since the 1950s – manufactures molded plastic products for the telecommunications and disposable medical products industries.
Neosho Gardens
Neosho Gardens is a large, commercial producer of living plants and flowers for distribution to some of the nation's largest retailers. Although some work is seasonal, this locally-developed company employs up to 35 - 40 workers and operates year-round.
Rex Materials Group
Rex Materials Group of Kansas manufactures for global distribution extremely high-temperature ceramic insulation from here and additional plants in Virginia and Michigan.
Quality Profile Services
Quality Profile Services is an extruded plastics plant providing door seals for some of the largest refrigerated trucks on American highways – and manufactures window seals for large, international window companies.
US Stone Industries
One of several large production companies located at the airport industrial park, this company mines and processes limestone, and other natural stone products into building blocks and landscaping material for the international market. This is its primary location, but also owns another similar company in the north-central part of Kansas and five quarries dispersed throughout east-central Kansas.
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Sites are available at our well-developed Industrial Park in Council Grove as well as at the Airport Industrial Park, located in western Morris County.

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