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Executive Director Position 

The Greater Morris County Development Corporation is looking for a dynamic, energetic person with a vision to help us grow our business community.  Morris County is nestled in the heart of the Flint Hills in central Kansas with the largest population residing in Council Grove.  Sporting two recreational lakes, hiking/biking trails and situated in the beautiful grass-covered rolling hills, the Flint Hills life offers residents and business owners a one-of-a-kind location.

The perfect candidate for the Executive Director position will be an enthusiastic people-person, enjoy leading and working with a team of people dedicated to the success and growth of the area. Through marketing, networking and teamwork, the Executive Director should be persistent and committed to achieving the goals set for him or her.  Generating new ideas, coupled with the ability to implement and execute those ideas is key to success.  


Performs a variety of professional work in preparation and implementation of economic and community development plans, programs, and services.

This full-time position is responsible for working closely with GMDC and other city and county staff in promoting the business and economic development interests within the community. This position will include working with all noted departments in providing guidance to individuals and companies to establish, relocate, or expand their businesses within the community. This position will include assistance in the planning and coordination of community development projects, assisting business and residential applicants with local and state permitting processes, and providing help with city and community sponsored projects. This is a full-time position that direct reports to the GMDC Board.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Directs economic development initiatives to achieve the goals and objectives of GMDC.

  • Provides assistance in the development of short and long term economic and community development plans, as well as the gathering of information and preparation of studies, reports, and recommendations to achieve such goals. This will involve the preparation and maintenance of information on utilities, taxes, zoning, transportation, community services, financing tools, and incentives, in order to respond to requests for information for economic development purposes, and the coordination with other departments and agencies as needed.

  • Utilizes social media, newspapers and other media sources to grow economic development, share information and announce important events

  • Consistently update and maintain the GMDC website

  • Provides professional economic development guidance, assist in the application and permitting process, and serve as an advocate for economic development in line with Council Grove’s Comprehensive Plan, zoning ordinances, and goals as established by the city and county.

  • Promotes the Council Grove Industrial Park; the sale of lots, and the orderly development of projects within the Industrial Park.

  • Works closely with the Council Grove/Morris County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and City Economic Development Committee to identify areas of concern and growth of business location and expansion within the city and county.  

  • Maintains a liaison with various local, state, and Federal agencies, coordinating projects with agencies as deemed necessary and appropriate.

  • Provides information and/or make presentations to supervisors, boards, commissions, civic groups, businesses, individuals, and the general public on economic development issues, programs, services, and plans.

  • Becomes familiar with the existing inventory of available buildings and business and residential development sites within the community. This will include both public and private buildings and land areas.

  • Prepare grant proposals and applications, contracts and other necessary documents.

  • Formulate and implement marketing and business strategies that align with the objectives of the city and county.

  • Serves as a member of economic development groups or task force that promote economic and community development at the local, state or Federal level, as deemed necessary or appropriate.

  • Monitors legislation and regulations relating to economic development, and report findings to the appropriate impacted parties, i.e. the Chamber, the City, the County

  • Maintains strong working relationships with the public, area businesses, clients, the media, and others.

  • Serves as a member of various staff committees, as assigned.

  • Attends professional development workshops and conferences to keep on top of trends and developments in the field of economic development, and to represent the interest of the city and county matters related to economic development.

  • Help facilitate meetings with appropriate parties for professional service contracts, property sales or acquisition, and economic development, as needed.

  • Facilitates monthly meetings with GMDC Board that includes reports and action items.

  • Ability to be a team player with GMDC Board and other city/county staff.

  • Conduct other related work as assigned.



  • Knowledge and experience or willingness to learn economic and community development, including administrative responsibility

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Must live in Morris Country

  • Knowledge and passion about business development, community, and economic development.

  • Knowledge or willingness to learn about municipal zoning and infrastructure, and planning programs and processes.

  • Ability to communicate effectively to groups and individuals, engineers, contractors, developers, businesses, supervisors, employees, and the public.

  • Ability to establish working relationships with other organizations and economic development practitioners.

  • Ability to prepare an analyze reports and data, and have skills in the operation of equipment such as smart phones and computer.

  • Willing to get certifications as needed



Based on experience and background

Download Job Description here

To apply for this unique and exciting position, please provide your letter of interest, your resume of relevant experience and education, along with your monetary requirements.   In your letter of interest, please include a brief description of one idea you have for attracting new business to our area. 


You may either mail the requested information to GMDC, Attn: Revisioning Committee, PO Box 276, Council Grove, Kansas, 66846, or email information to director@morriscountydevelopment.com.